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July 17, 2018, 3:35 PM

Choose Today

Choose Today…..


Years ago I pastored a Christian school. We not only had Christian kids but also kids that had gotten in trouble with the police and were on probation. We would have a devotion time everyday and chapel on Wednesdays. There were lots of kids in the school who were really seeking a deeper relationship with the Lord. Some of these kids would come before school to pray in the chapel every morning, and during the day I would pray in the chapel between commitments.

We began to see miracles happen. A boy who was deaf in one ear was healed, a young man that broke his leg in the parking lot was instantly healed and many more such things happened as well as lots of people in the community getting saved through the witness of these teenagers. The Holy Spirit began to move so strongly in the chapel services many committed their lives to a walk of holiness.

But even in that environment of tremendous presence of the Holy Spirit there were some who continually hardened their heart. If you want a hard heart God will let you have it… He speaks to us not to be ignored – He speaks to us to bring change.

One Wednesday in particular the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong it was even difficult to stand as we ministered to the Lord. There was one young girl about 16 years old. The Holy Spirit was dealing with her to give her life to the Him. You could see the conviction on her very strong. I gave an alter call for those who wanted to give Him their lives. This young girl started to come forward but her best friend who also was setting next to her convinced her not to go forward. She said, “You don’t need that, you have me.” The Lord spoke to the young girl prophetically who was under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and said, “There will come a day when she won’t be there….” The young girl listened to her so-called friend and did not give her life to the Lord that day.

I don’t remember the exact timing but not too long after that I found out that the young girl who the Holy Spirit was trying to bring into the family of God had been out in the desert playing Russian roulette with a pistol along with some other kids and had shot herself in the head and died…

The reason I am writing about this today because I am ministering to some people who are doing the same thing as this young girl. Not physically but spiritually. They are letting others influence them – playing Russian roulette with their spiritual life. If you are committing adultery, or any other habitual sin remember this – the same Bible that tells us of the mercy of the Lord also tells us He is not mocked. You are going to reap what you sow. If you are involved in sin that is pulling you back for the Lord remember these two young girls. God showed the one His mercy that day when He wooed her and tried to get her to come to Him. The Bible says His mercy is new each morning. If you want His mercy run to Him, fall at His feet and cry out for mercy, repent (stop sinning) from your wicked ways and let His mercy wash over you. But if you choose to harden your heart as this young girl did you can expect to reap the harvest you have sown…

If your life with the Lord is not right – right now you have mercy. Run to Him, let Him wash you in His blood and make you brand new. You are not guaranteed tomorrow – this could be the last time He will call you. His arms are wide open. Don’t be like this young girl.

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Page 1 2 3   Entries 1-10 of 23