Mysterious Secrets of the Dark Kingdom




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Mysterious Secrets of the Dark Kingdom  JP Timmons

This book comes on one CD in PDF Format

This book is the only book its kind in the world - the first definitive work published on the Kingdom of Satan; a kingdom I call the Dark Kingdom. A manual for spiritual warfare and expose' of the exact structure of Satan's kingdom of darkness. It is based on over 27 years of research. It was first published in 1991 and revised with additional material added in June 2008. You will learn the organization, methods of operation and strategies of the Dark Kingdom. You will also learn how to stop them through spiritual warfare. Much of this information was obtained from hundreds of hours of interviews with both current and former members of the Dark Kingdom in Nigeria, West Africa.. And much of it, especially in the area of spiritual warfare, was revealed by the Holy Spirit through prayer. Available in Hardback 450 pages

review posted by lsaac A.Abbas on 04-28-2017
This book build my spiritual growth, thanks for this great revelation.
review posted by Babalola Felix Olalekan on 07-08-2016
My pastor lectured from this book, and I was forced to go online to read from it. I was shocked when I saw hidden mysteries being revealed by the author of this book. At Chapter 2 Spiritual Gift page 95 through 100 I saw my town being mentioned by the auhor... Ikare Akoko Area of current Ondo State, Nigeria. I prayed for more grace for the author. I love this writeup.
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