Gifts and Operations of the Holy Spirit




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Gifts and Operations of the Holy Spirit   JP Timmons

On One CD in PDF Format can be read on yourcomputer and you can print out a copy for your personal use.

Gifts and Operations of the Holy Spirit is 207 pages. This book will help Christians develop their spiritual gifts and fruit by focusing on the present day ministry of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord had us write this with no human research but just under His direction. The book is a comprehensive discussion of both the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit and we are confident that it will help you in many areas of your life, including and especially in fulfilling your ministry call—we believe it will answer the question many have of why their ministry call is being delayed.

We believe this book will be a big help in helping Christians mature spiritually and be able to see with The Eye of the Eagle. Praise the Lord! We know that this book will be a blessing to many.

Below is an excerpt from the back cover:

Do you desire a deeper relationship with God? Do you believe God has more for you? Are you anxious to fulfill the purposes and plans God has for your life—to know the reason why you were created ? Then you need to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Many in the Body of Christ today are dying prematurely and never fulfilling His will for their lives because they are not taught how to follow the Holy Spirit and what His current ministry is in the earth. Most Christians know He exists but they aren’t taught about His deep desire like the Father to see them fully developed in the Fruit of the Spirit and functioning in their spiritual gifts.

This book was written under direction of the Spirit to bring clarity and a contemporary perspective to His work—His desires—in the lives of Christians today. The Spirit was given as a “down payment” and pledge of our spiritual inheritance in Christ Jesus but He wants us to begin enjoying our inheritance now—in this life—by working with Him to develop the Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit. If you’re not operating in your spiritual gifts in your church then that particular church is weakened and the Church as a whole is weakened—a schism is created in the Body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:25).

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