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Shall Adonijah Reign in the Place of Solomon
November 11, 2020, 11:00 PM


As I shared several days ago on Twitter, I awoke from a nap with the testimony of Adonijah in my spirit. And if you aren't familiar with this man, who was a son of David, then you should go back and read about his life and his self-proclaimed assumption to be king after David in 1 Kings 1.

Unfortunately, like Adonijah, Biden--because of his arrogance in assuming the Office of President Elect (which does not even exist) against his promise in the presidential debates not to do so until the election was certified-- will not only lose his "throne" but also, like Adonijah, his life as well. 

What is going to happen in the next few years will put the fear of God back into many people in this nation; this will birth revival.


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