SEPTEMBER 15, 2019



“For I know the plans I have for you,

Declares the Lord, plans for welfare and

Not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Ω Jeremiah 29:11

“But you who forsake the Lord, who

Forget my holy mountain, who set a

Table for Fortune and fill cups of

Mixed wine for Destiny.”

Ω Isaiah 65:11 ESV





The Lord reminded me of destiny and Satan’s plans to steal our destinies which he accomplishes through his agents as well as the Principalities and Powers. My African friends are much more knowledgeable about this than Christians in the West who are 99% ignorant—as are their pastors—about spiritual things, especially the Kingdom of Darkness and its power. I wrote about these things in Mysterious Secrets of the Dark Kingdom and more recently in Another Gospel which we just published a few months ago. But the two are related, after all, if Satan is going to steal your destiny then he has to give you a destiny that looks authentic and especially one where you are controlled by religious spirits because then it seems like you are doing something for God but you are not; you are not following His plan for your life. And the more I learn about the devil and his operations, the more I realize just how smart he really is. We are simply no match for him without the Holy Spirit’s guide. Yet few Christians even know the Holy Spirit. And generally speaking it’s because Satan has killed off most of the true churches and raised up false ones as I document in the 231 pages of Another Gospel. Most—not all—but unfortunately most churches today preach another gospel like the Apostle Paul wrote about. In addition, they preach and teach another Jesus and another spirit who is a religious spirit and not the precious Holy Spirit.

If you’ve not read Another Gospel (or Mysterious Secrets) then I urge you to order a copy today from our online bookstore. It will help you immensely for daily victorious living and for the great battle ahead when, as the Lord told me back in 1980, “Son, in the last days the power of Satan will become so strong that only those who are strong in the Word and faith will survive.” That day is now!

Now we’ve never written or preached any message that was not God ordained. In 40+ years of ministry I’ve never preached the same message twice. We spend a lot of time seeking the Lord about what He wants us to share with His people or we don’t preach. I learned many years ago how important people are to God and I never take a ministry assignment lightly. Similarly, we’ve never written a book without being directed to do so by the Spirit. Most Christian books, like Christian music are written to make money—it’s sad but true. I learned this back in the ‘80s and had it confirmed after I first wrote Mysterious Secrets and then could not get any bookstores to take the book. And that is one of the reasons we don’t personally take any money from the sale of books or CD messages; that money goes to Christ Church International to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, etc.

As Eve and I have shared often in our preaching and writing, we’ve been to Heaven many times. I shared in The High Calling of God several pages of testimony about my own experiences there. There are libraries in Heaven. And one of those libraries contains books that have not been written—books that are on the Heart of God the Father but nobody has paid the price to write each of these particular books. Now that might jar you a bit but it’s true. There’s a price to be paid for writing a book that is truly anointed by the Spirit. We have paid a huge price for writing Mysterious Secrets during the past 30 years since it was first published and our ministry has received nothing for all the millions of copies that have been illegally printed all over the world. That bothered me for a long time but one day I realized from the Scriptures that millions of people have been delivered and set free as a result of reading that book so it has advanced the Kingdom of God upon the earth. We’ve had testimonies of angels taking the book to people and people being healed of incurable diseases while reading the book so we give praise and glory to the Lord God who really is the One who wrote the book.

But now the Lord reminded me of a connection between the Dark Kingdom and His plans for each of us as the Father’s children and His “brothers”. Each of us has a destiny; that’s why we were created. He has a destiny for this generation for each of us. In fact, as He told Eve and I back in the ‘90s that I shared with our church in Libby back in 2005 in a message titled, “Destiny” that is available from our online store, each of us has a two-fold destiny: He said we “Each have a destiny in God and a destiny for God. If you never fulfill your destiny in God then you cannot fulfill your destiny for God.”

You should probably meditate upon that a bit. If you do then I’m sure you will realize that most Christians never fulfill their destiny in God because they don’t spend enough time in the Word or prayer. The Lord Jesus showed me in a vision back in the Summer of 1997 some spiritual facts. He explained the vision to me or I would never have understood its meaning. It had to do with the will of God for our lives. I wrote about this vision in Revelations from God, a Prophet’s Journal, Volume 1, but basically there are 4 wills for our lives. There is our own will which we can use and just follow our own path. Then there are 3 wills of God for each of us as mentioned in Romans 12—“good, acceptable, and perfect.” The Lord said that if we want to fulfill God’s perfect will for our lives then we only have a 25% chance of being successful. How do we improve those odds? We do it by spending a lot of time reading and meditating in the Word. That is why I read the through the entire Bible each month; I want to fulfill God’s perfect will for my life but just like being a straight A student in college or high school, it takes a lot of effort. When I was in college it took about 3X more effort to make an A than a B. Sometimes because the professor was extremely difficult like in my organic chemistry class there were no A's and only 2 B's!

This is true spiritually as well. “Most Christians”, as my pastor friend Billy Luster remarked to me a few years ago when we ministered at his church, “are top feeders.” Well, that’s a fishing term but we’re supposed to be fishers of men, aren’t we? So, are you a “top feeder?”

Now where destiny is concerned the Holy Spirit reminded me of something this morning and then He tied it into Another Gospel. He reminded me of one of the charms that they have in Africa that can allow a person to steal your destiny. There are thousands of different kinds of charms to make people wealthy, gain a beautiful husband or wife, make one invisible or invincible (bullets or knives cannot penetrate your flesh while wearing such a charm). But this particular charm is used to steal a person’s destiny and like most charms or Juju acts, they are used against the Christians. We’ve had many, many people write us from Africa who knew that this charm was being used against them to steal their destiny—their education, wealth, inheritance, and spouse. Almost nobody in the West understands such things but it does demonstrate something important as I realized this morning—Satan often (if not always) knows a large portion of God’s plans for us. He learns it though his own wisdom that was given to him by God when he was created as “the anointed Cherub” Lucifer and he learns it from observation—as my friend Emmanuel Omoobajesu says all the time: “Satan is always learning. He’s the only student who never graduates.” So he is observing you and knows, for example, what God says to you prophetically, by how you pray, by the anointing upon your life and other means.

So Satan wants to steal your destiny. And he uses many means to do so, not just this charm but other means. A friend of ours in Portland had a vision about Evie and I back in 2000. We used to minister a lot in the Portland area. She saw Satan sitting upon a giant combine and he was reaping our large harvest! That pertained to destiny, did it not?


This morning as the Spirit was speaking about this I realized a connection between the two books—Mysterious Secrets and Another Gospel. And it pertains to the false churches that Satan has erected to take the place of a genuine, anointed Church that is led by the Holy Spirit. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but Satan killed off all of the churches that began in the New Testament! All except the Church in Rome but, as we all know if we know the Lord, that church morphed into what is the Roman Catholic Church today and was the instrument that Satan used to destroy true churches. I think it’s pretty obvious that the present pope is not even born-again; in fact, it’s actually much worse than you know.

So, as I shared in Another Gospel, as well as some of my other writings, Satan’s strategy as revealed in the Scriptures was to stop the Messiah from His destiny!!! However, after that failed, his strategy has been to kill off the true churches while simultaneously raising up false churches led by false five-fold ministers with a false anointing and another spirit who is a religious spirit. The most shocking thing that the Lord has ever said to me was in October, 1991, when He said, “The church is not being led by the Holy Spirit; it’s being led by religious spirits.”

But until this morning I had not really seen the connection between this false religious system that the Lord began to show Evie and I back in 1997 when He moved us to Montana and I expose in Another Gospel.

The main purpose of false churches is, of course, to take people to hell. But it also has another purpose—to steal the destiny of God’s people. He failed to steal Jesus’ destiny but now he wants to steal the destiny of the corporate Body of Christ as well as each individual member. From 2003-2006 the Lord had us ministering messages with a common theme from Revelation 18:4, “Come out of her, my people …”

As I share in Another Gospel, this false religious system and its false churches are being judged and if you stay in them you, too, will be judged and “share in the sins” as the Word reminds us.

Don’t allow the devil to steal your destiny! Be certain that you are in a genuine church. Make a vow to spend more time fulfilling your destiny in God every day so that you will be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit.








Jean Stoner on 11-03-2019 at 9:27 AM
God bless you for preaching the truth.
Lekue Paul Elijah on 08-10-2019 at 9:17 AM
I had determined to be a committed Doer as this is the only doorway to reaping the blessings of God. I have since found renewed interest, meaning and deeper insight in the Word as I commenced to read the Bible cover to cover. I have been a believer (baptized year 2000), over 25 years but no pastor, Bishop or Pope has ever told me the importance of reading through the whole Bible. You are God sent to sow the purity of the Word,righteousness and judgment in an ever darkening world . Thanks a million! ,am so blessed.
Dismas on 01-08-2019 at 1:04 PM
Great insight, am blessed.
EMMANUEL MACMAWULI on 01-03-2019 at 11:16 AM
Lekue Paul Elijah on 11-21-2018 at 5:41 AM
Sir,Am always inspired,incouraged and challenged to step up and give my all to the Lord's business reading your works,I long to buy all your books after I was so blessed reading MSDK,though we'e not met but I have received you as my mentor and father-in-the Lord and am asking for a double portion of your aniontiong. Assuredly I believe we will meet in person someday soon just as He led me to see and buy MSDK in Nigeria though I now reside in South Africa. You remain a light bearer and Apostle of the Endtime Warriors of Christ,Shalom.
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