July 4, 2019




“I beseech you therefore,

Brethren, by the mercies of

God, that you present your

Bodies a living sacrifice, holy,

Acceptable to God, which is your

Reasonable service. And do not be

Conformed to this world, but be

Transformed by the renewing of

Your mind, that you may prove

What is that good, acceptable and

Perfect will of God.” † Romans 12:1-2




If you have any children, especially boys, then you are familiar with The Transformers movie series about robots—both good and bad—who can change forms or transform. As I read the above scripture—one of my favorites—again last night I thought about the real transformer who is the Spirit of God! Throughout the panorama of history He has been active from the very first in Genesis where He hovered over the earth and transformed it.


And if you’ve not meditated on these two verses in Romans much then you should do so several times a day for a week and let the majesty of it sink down into your spirit. It’s a sad but true fact that many if not most Christians have not obeyed these verses. How do I know? By listening to them talk or reading what they post on Facebook and other social media.


The greatest need of mankind is to be transformed by the Holy Spirit. And this doesn’t apply just to sinners who need to receive salvation—it applies to those of us who are already Church members and have been born again.


As a missionary to other countries we witness the powerful need not only for people to get saved but also to be discipled. One of the biggest failures of churches throughout the world is discipleship. The reason is because one of the most powerful factors in all human societies is the need to conform. In West Africa we find that children especially who get saved in our meetings will often be pressured to return to idol worship. Many times I’ve had villagers come to kill me because their children accepted Jesus and would no longer worship the village and family idols. But without discipleship and spiritual help, many of these fall away back to being “conformed to this world” as Romans tells us.


Many cults, e.g., the Jehovah’s Witnesses, use this need to conform as a powerful deterrent for anybody leaving the Witnesses. Of course it’s completely contrary to the Word but if a family member gets born again and leaves the spiritual kingdom hall their other family members will completely ostracize them until or unless they return to the fold.




But it’s not just about religion, it’s also about other things and for other reasons that we need to be transformed. And the main one is because God does not think the way the world does nor the way we do unless we are doers of the Word (Is. 55:8-9). Most of the world, even the scientific world, does not think or act the way God does and, for the most part, they are ignorant of His ways.


But like Israel who did not know God’s ways either, most of the Church does not know God very well. We know about God from what we’ve learned at church or from the Bible and other Christian books, which may or may not be the truth. Years ago one of our church members in Libby gave me a Christmas present—a book titled, The Heavenly Man. It’s written by one of the men who was a leader for the Church in China. He had been imprisoned and tortured but like Peter he had also been freed by an angelic intervention. Yet as I read the book I highlighted and later read to our church what impressed me the most from the book.


He wrote that the Church in China was in complete unity when all of them only used the Bible. Naturally, because the authorities are communists, Bibles are outlawed so there was always a shortage of them and many villages shared torn out pages from the Bible because that is all that they had. But when the missionaries from various church denominations began to give them bibles they also gave them literature which contained their doctrine. This is what caused the churches in China to become fractured and no longer in unity.


For me, this testimony is proof of what I ask people all the time—“What does the Word say?” Don’t tell me what your pastor says; don’t tell me what your denomination believes—tell me what the Word says. I’ve learned that all churches have some false doctrine. And as pointed out in the book Another Gospel, most churches—not all but almost all—preach another gospel—not the Gospel that Jesus, Peter, John and Paul preached—the Gospel of the Kingdom.


Being “conformed to this world” and false gospels can be deadly—it can cost you your life. It might even cost you your eternal life if you happen to believe and follow certain false gospels and false Jesus personas being taught today. At the least, it can certainly prevent you from fulfilling God’s perfect will for your life.




Back in 1997 the Lord gave me a night vision that I shared in Revelations from God, Vol. 1, that had to do with His will. It was all in dark speech and without the Spirit interpreting it I would have never been able to understand what it meant. Basically the vision had to do with the fact that when we take care of God’s business He makes it a point to take care of our business! However, I learned an important fact from this vision—that there are 4 possible outcomes for our lives. First, there is our own will. Because we are created as free, moral beings we have a will. God will absolutely not go against your will. Satan will, but God will not. In fact, Satan is after your will and your soul in order to get you to commit sin or think the wrong way to keep you out of the will of God or else to kill you.


So the first possible outcome for your life, even if you are born again, is your own will. The Bible teaches that once we are born again our life is not our own; we are “bought with a price.” So Jesus wants to be not just your Savior but also your Lord and Master. But you can be saved and live your own life according to your own will. As long as you don’t live a life of sin, if you are quick to repent of sin, then you will still go to Heaven when you die. If you live a life of sin, however, you will go to hell when you die—accepting Jesus is not a free license to sin. You cannot go to church every Sunday and live in fornication or some other sinful lifestyle and expect to go to Heaven. As the book of James so thoroughly points out, don’t tell me what you believe—show me your lifestyle and I’ll tell you what you believe. If you live a life of sin, then you are denying the Lord by the way you live and not what you professed one time years ago.


Second, there is “good” will of God. Third, there is the “acceptable” will of God. Fourth, there is the perfect will of God. These are, in fact, mentioned in the text for this teaching. Back in the ‘80s the Lord began to give me a series of visions and dreams about creation. They would take up where the last one ended and they had to do with why and how He created each of us. You were created for a purpose, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. One of your responsibilities is to find out what that purpose is and God’s perfect will for your life. Romans 11:29 says, “The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable” (NASB) or “without repentance” (KJV). That means when you are created, the Lord places certain gifts and callings into your spirit which is then placed inside your body. Those will be there until you die. However, most of the Church does not realize that you can be in sin and still have these gifts operate because they are “irrevocable.” Many well-know ministers have lived and died with certain sins, such as homosexuality, yet their gifting still operated. This has caused confusion in the Body of Christ when it should not have. Those they were under or ministered with just took them aside and normally they went through some type of psychological counseling when they really needed deliverance ministry and then they were allowed to minister.


The reasoning is that they are “okay” with God because their prophetic gifting or other gifting such as healing still operated. This is wrong and all the self-appointed apostles who said it was okay for them to minister were ignorant of God’s ways and the Scriptures.


Now, what the Lord showed me later was this: unless you spend a lot of time in the Word—reading and meditating and being taught by the Holy Spirit—you only have a 25% chance of fulfilling God’s perfect will for your life. The Word of God acts like a catalyst to release the perfect will of God for your life. At the time when I learned this in 1997 I was already reading through the New Testament every month but the Old Testament only about 4x a year. That’s when I made the decision to also go through it every month as well.


So, if you’re serious about fulfilling God’s perfect will for your life then you need to increase the time that you spend in the Word each and every day.




Our text for this teaching says that we should not be “conformed to this world” but rather we are to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The Greek word for transformed is metamorphous which is the same word we use in English for the transformation that takes place when a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.


How do we aid the Holy Spirit in this process? Again, we do it through the Word. As you read and meditate in the Word each day you being to think more like God does. You see that while the world may say, “It’s impossible,” you know because your mind has been renewed that “With God all things are possible” (Lk, 1:37).


In any issue of life, your first response should be, “What does the Word say about this?” Then, be a doer of that Word. This is the key to success in life. Yet, most Christians, as evidenced by their speech and actions, do not do this. That’s why so many today are dying of cancer before their time.


As I shared in Mysterious Secrets of the Dark Kingdom and other books and writings, in 1980 the Lord one day said to me, “Son, the devil is going to put cancer on more and more Christians.” I did not ask Him at that time why or how this would be possible. But we’ve certainly seen it come to pass. And as I shared in the Second Edition of MSDK published in 2008, the Spirit showed me that 2 Corinthians 4:18 was a key scripture as to why this was taking place.


The Lord said to me, “Son, my people are not obeying that verse of Scripture. In fact, they are doing the opposite of that scripture. They are ‘looking at the things which are seen,’ the tumors, and ‘not looking at the things which are unseen.’”


I share on our website 3 Steps to Receive a Miracle that the Lord gave me back in the ‘90s when He appeared to me and discussed the Gift of Working of Miracles and Gifts of Healings. He said that anybody can follow these three steps to receive a miracle from Him and no, you don’t have to send $1,000 to some Balaam boy or girl. But you do have to be a doer of the Word!


We’ve found in our ministry that it’s easy to get people healed or have them receive a miracle. But they don’t always stay healed! And the reason is because they depart from the Word! Remember, the Greek text says that you “have to believe and keep on believing”; it’s progressive! You have to continue. Paul’s gospel is quite emphatic regarding this as well.

The devil will always, every time, send a counterattack with what we call lying symptoms to attack your faith—don’t give in to them! Continue to confess the Word and thank the Lord that you are healed!




Finally, I want to share something that I’ve never written before but that I’ve known and meditated on for over 20 years. The past two days my Old Testament reading has been in 2 Chronicles. One of the godly kings of Judah was Asa; he was Jehoshaphat’s father. Like many of us, Asa was a slow learner and it cost him an early death.


Listen closely! God has a Book of Life in Heaven. If you are a member of His family by the Blood of Jesus then your name is in it. And this book is not just mentioned in Revelation, David knew about it and probably saw it. Remember, David was not only king but he was first a prophet of the Lord. Your days on earth are written down in this book in your file folder specific to you. Those days can be shortened (normally because of sin) or sometimes lengthened as in the case of Hezekiah who received 15 additional years added to his life.


The lesson that King Asa did not learn, even though God continually sent prophets to him with specific words, is to seek the Lord first. Did you get that? Probably not but you need to meditate on what I am about to write because it could save your life or that of a loved one.


Because of the operation of religious spirits in all churches today we have a tendency to think that we are seeking or trusting God when in fact we are not. I lost somebody very dear to me in ministry back in the ‘90s the same way Asa lost his life early—through a disease—because they followed Asa and “sought the physicians” instead of the Lord first.


As I wrote in MSDK about the spirit of cancer—because it is an evil spirit and not just a disease—we’ve known so many, many Christians and especially ministers who should know better follow in Asa’s footsteps and “trust the physicians” instead of the Lord. But they thought they were trusting the Lord! Understand? Religious spirits killed one man who had been given 5 days to live after the Lord healed him; he died about 6-9 months later after discussing the matter with us and then doing the opposite of what we told him!


How many times we’ve heard a minister say, “We prayed and felt led to have the chemo” but then they always die. It’s because they really didn’t seek the Lord long enough to get His answer but rather merely trusted in the physicians and no doubt all the religious spirit speaking people who told them, “Well, God works through doctors so we know you will be healed.”


Well, there were physicians in Asa’s day too. There were physicians in Paul’s day—he traveled with one of them named Luke. But just remember in case you don’t know where the physicians came from—they originated in Egypt. Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t Christians doctors; I know many of them. But remember an important fact that you’ve never heard taught on healing: doctors cannot give life; they can only sustain our lives or preserve them. Only Jesus, because He is LIFE, can give life or increase your life force residing in your spirit. That is the main reason to trust Jesus instead of the physicians. The second reason as I shared these with my son, John, last night to trust Jesus over the physicians is because He doesn’t have to diagnose you—He already knows the situation and if He treats you He never makes any mistakes.




The prophet William Branham preached a message a number of times by this title: “God Has a Provided Way.” This is true—it’s a principle of God we find throughout the Scriptures. In 1997 we ministered at the End-time Handmaidens convention in South Africa. The convention was in April but God gave me the message in January of that year. The revelation from that message—that God is obligated by covenant to heal you—was appropriated to two people in hospitals with terminal cancer and only a few days to live. Both of them were instantly healed and they jumped up and ran around the hospital room and went home.


Now don’t misunderstand this teaching where healing is concerned. I’m not saying, “Don’t go to the doctor.” I don’t go to the doctor because I have the best doctor, Jesus, and He’s kept me in divine health for 41 years with almost no effects of aging. For me to go to a physical doctor, frankly, would be a sin! But in your own case, you must make your own decisions. But I want to tell you how to make that decision.


In the 3 Steps to Receiving a Miracle, the second step the Lord said, “Fast it, like Daniel did.” Now please understand if you have never fasted that fasting won’t do you much good unless it’s accompanied by prayer. So with step 2 you go before the Lord and say, “Lord, I need a miracle in this area so I’m going to follow these 3 steps that You gave to Brother Timmons. And I’m going to fast and pray (especially in this case pray by the Spirit mostly) until you show me Your “provided way.”


David knew this secret; we see it in his life. He knew that God did not do things the same way all the time so he sought the Lord. I encourage you to do the same if you need a miracle or whenever you have a life-changing decision to make such as whether to marry a certain person or move to a certain town.

Remember, the Spirit and the Word agree. Allow the Holy Spirit to be your Transformer each and every day through the Word so that you can live the abundant life that Jesus died for you to have on this earth and in the life to come.





Lekue Paul Elijah on 08-10-2019 at 9:17 AM
I had determined to be a committed Doer as this is the only doorway to reaping the blessings of God. I have since found renewed interest, meaning and deeper insight in the Word as I commenced to read the Bible cover to cover. I have been a believer (baptized year 2000), over 25 years but no pastor, Bishop or Pope has ever told me the importance of reading through the whole Bible. You are God sent to sow the purity of the Word,righteousness and judgment in an ever darkening world . Thanks a million! ,am so blessed.
Dismas on 01-08-2019 at 1:04 PM
Great insight, am blessed.
EMMANUEL MACMAWULI on 01-03-2019 at 11:16 AM
Lekue Paul Elijah on 11-21-2018 at 5:41 AM
Sir,Am always inspired,incouraged and challenged to step up and give my all to the Lord's business reading your works,I long to buy all your books after I was so blessed reading MSDK,though we'e not met but I have received you as my mentor and father-in-the Lord and am asking for a double portion of your aniontiong. Assuredly I believe we will meet in person someday soon just as He led me to see and buy MSDK in Nigeria though I now reside in South Africa. You remain a light bearer and Apostle of the Endtime Warriors of Christ,Shalom.
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