AUGUST 30, 2020





“But seek first the kingdom of God …”

Matthew 6:33




We just received our new book, LIVING IN THE NOW OF FAITH, from the printer and it is only available for order on our website. I want to encourage you to get a copy because it is a key book for the times in which we are living. It is the ninth book that the Lord has had me write and they all have a different anointing. This book is anointed to build your faith, holiness and help you get to the Promised Land that God created you for. As many of you know, I have been to Heaven a number of times as has Evelyn. I’ve stood in the counsel of God at the Throne room and in conference rooms where a particular issue, like how to turn America back to God, were discussed in order to prevent God’s judgment. One of the things that the Lord said to me back in 1980 was: "Son, the power of the devil will become so strong in the Last Days that only those who are strong in faith and the Word will survive." Are you going to survive? If so, then you must develop your faith!

In Heaven, there are libraries with books and other artifacts like the tears that you shed—that is called the Library of Tears. God is so concerned about you; much more than you can ever know. There is a library or Hall of Life where records are kept for every person born onto Planet Earth. And there is God’s big Book of Life and it is made up of these smaller books of life which includes your life. God’s plans for your life are included in this book as well as a record of every single thing that you do for the Kingdom. As I discuss in Living in the Now of Faith, you will receive (or lose) rewards based on what is recorded in your book of life.

When you go to Heaven you see things that are in the Bible! It’s pretty cool! For example, when we were interviewed on Christian T.V. a number of years ago they wanted to know about Heaven and one of the things I discussed was the Church there. It’s located high up on a mountain and it’s called Mount Zion Church. But as I shared on television, it’s NOT Mount Zion Baptist Church, Mount Zion Methodist Church or Mount Zion Lutheran Church—it’s simply Mount Zion Church. That’s because there is no Baptist, Methodist or Lutheran churches in Heaven, and, quite frankly, when you learn this then you have to ask yourself why we have them here. But of course I know the answer to that question—it’s because of man’s #1 problem that continues to manifest even after people get born again—REBELLION!

Most churches are in rebellion to God and as I wrote in Another Gospel, published last year, they preach another gospel, are led by another spirit—a religious spirit, and they worship another Jesus. And the Bible says in Revelation that God is going to judge these “harlots” that masquerade as His true church and when they are judged, those in them will be judged. That is why Revelation warns: “Come out of her, my people, that you share not in her sins …”

It’s man’s nature that he inherited from Satan through the sin of rebellion to want to be in charge so even in the church world we see that most churches—and the Lord spoke this strongly to me back in October, 1991, “Are not being led by the Holy Spirit—they are being led by a religious spirit.” It’s difficult to find a church today where the Holy Spirit is truly in charge. And the Lord set up His Church government to function through Five offices--apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor and evangelist. Ev and I have been preaching this for 35 years yet few churches have or even recognize such a government.


Any interesting fact about the Bible, and one of the proofs that it was written by the Holy Spirit through different men, are the various types that we see throughout the Scriptures. And from all my years of reading, meditating and studying the Scriptures, I believe that the main reason the Lord did this is to reward those who spend a lot of time sifting, weighing, meditating, praying, etc., over the books in the Bible. In fact, the Lord showed me thirty years ago that the Bible had many hidden nuggets of gold that can be found if we are willing to work hard to excavate it.

One of the types I’ve learned from being in Heaven is that of our “Promised Land.” Like Israel of old, God called His Son, Jesus Christ, out of Egypt. And He had given Israel a promise that was a generational promise. Most Christians are not taught about generational promises but that is exactly what this is—a promise first given to Abraham that was not even begun to be fulfilled until 430 years after Abraham was dead.

Now sometimes generational promises—like with Abraham—are fulfilled through our physical progeny—Isaac, Jacob, etc., but often, as in the case of Elijah, they are fulfilled through our spiritual progeny, e.g., Elisha. And the Promise to Abraham is still being fulfilled today through our spiritual progeny by Jesus Christ.

God created you for a purpose. And the great purpose for which you’ve been created is for your very own Promised Land! And no matter how much financial, physical or emotional success you enjoy you will never be satisfied until you reach your Promised Land. I discuss this—how to get to your Promised Land in Living in the Now of Faith because you will never reach your Promised Land without faith and some other spiritual gifts.


One of the reasons people have difficulty in life, even after they accept Jesus and begin their journey to their very own Promised Land, is because they are not able to make the paradigm shift from living in the material world that Madonna sung about decades ago into the spiritual world. Christians tend to limit God by their thoughts, words, actions and by not developing spiritually—not obtaining THE EYE OF THE EAGLE.

Remember, the world in which we are living is not the same one that God created! The Bible says in Genesis—and we know this is true because we know the nature of the Lord—over and over that everything Jesus created was “good.” In fact, this is one of the things that the devil uses to keep people away from salvation. Evie and I have travelled around the world and it’s quite interesting to see the fact that the devil uses the same deceiving tactics on people of all races and countries. And one of those is the statement people will make like: “Well, I’m not interested in God because He lets all those little children starve to death” or “He allows all those children to be sexually abused …”, etc.

No, God doesn’t have anything to do with that. Everything that He created is “good,” even Lucifer himself but Lucifer rebelled against His Creator and became His (and all mankind’s) adversary and it’s this adversary that has caused the world to be the bastion of sin that it is because he only comes to “kill, steal and destroy.”

So, one of the first things that you have to realize and change after you are born into the family of God is that things have changed—you are in a new family. And like any earthly family run by earthly parents your godly parents have rules, regulations and household management rules that we must learn if we are to live the abundant life that Jesus promised us on earth. No, you don’t have to wait ‘til you get to Heaven to enjoy the abundant life but if you want it here then you have to make a paradigm shift—from a material world and a material universe governed by material laws, to a spiritual one governed by different laws.

For example, the material world is ruled by the Law of Sin and Death whereas the spiritual world is not. If more Christians understood this they would have no difficulty learning how to pray the dead raised and, in fact, before the Bride leaves this world you are going to see the dead raised on a scale never seen before. But if you expect to minister in the power and anointing that Jesus created for your ministry, then you have to make this paradigm shift and not think the way the world thinks. That is where faith comes in and why the Bible says, “The just shall live by faith.” But as I point out in Living in the Now of Faith, very few—probably less than .1% of Christians actually obey this scripture and live by faith.

Our ministry and calling at CCI is to raise up quality and not quantity. We want to see you ministering by the Power of the Spirit and living in your Promised Land here through Kingdom Living. That is God’s desire for you as well. Let us know how we can help you on your journey of faith to the Promised Land.









Istifanus Emmanuel Alu on 09-09-2020 at 6:59 AM
Sir am really benefiting from your book may the Almighty God increase more oil in your life ,Amen.
From Nigeria Kaduna state thanks.
Anuforo Prince on 08-31-2020 at 8:01 PM
God bless you Sir! I've been praying about Faith lately and I feel like it's harder and harder to walk in Faith, what with the World's current state and the disease of social media and mainstream media...
Sir, I do feel that the need for Very Strong Faith is becoming increasingly important if we're to remain Christian at all! Thank you and God bless you for yielding to the Spirit for this timely intervention.

I'm Nigerian but I KNOW that I'll eventually read all your books Legally and with the Spirit's Understanding
Kuam Bruce on 08-28-2020 at 2:31 PM
Am blessed by the teaching of Apostle , I have been a serious disciple of Christ Jesus through your teaching, we be bless to joins any of your online platform to learn and grow spiritual.
Kuam Bruce on 08-28-2020 at 2:31 PM
Am blessed by the teaching of Apostle , I have been a serious disciple of Christ Jesus through your teaching, we be bless to joins any of your online platform to learn and grow spiritual.
Esmé Louw on 08-10-2020 at 4:54 PM
More holiness. More peace. Thank you for this word.
A. Ames on 08-05-2020 at 1:19 PM
I am in awe. You message is tremendous and I need to find and purchase your book. This is information we as believers all need and especially the remnant . Thank you.
PeaceOlusesi on 07-21-2020 at 12:00 PM
Abba Father, show us mercy. Lord help us to realign our ways and humble ourselves in Jesus name.
Ajeitoh Charles Achenjuh on 07-20-2020 at 1:35 PM
Your teachings are very deep and biblical.your book;the mysterious secret of the dark kingdom has been very useful to me.,Am base in Cameroon and wish to read your book on gift and operation of the Holy spirit.
Sis (Mrs) Happiness Chiaka Nwosu on 07-06-2020 at 1:27 PM
Daddy, as am reading one of your Books- Mysterious Secrets of the Dark Kingdom, I felt like sitting face to face, to be trained in your School of Ministry, kindly direct me to your school in Akure, I came across it in that Book. May the LORD continue to use to equip those HE called, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Long life in Jesus Christ Name. From I'm State, Nigeria. Shalom
Nakazibwe Maxencia on 06-26-2020 at 7:51 AM
I want to join the Church and become a member
I have no Church trusted yet to give in my Tithe
Am from Uganda
Dorcas on 06-18-2020 at 3:37 PM
Thank you Sir for this eye opener/wake up call. More Grace Sir
Nonye Ebubeogu- on 06-07-2020 at 2:06 PM
Sir, thank you so much for the message "Are you seeing the signs". I know very soon we shall see face to face here.
GODSPOWER JOHN.godspower1510@gmail.com on 05-26-2020 at 7:26 AM
Please kindly find my email address for the information on where or how to get some of your books in Abuja.Nigeria.Thanks so much and God bless you much
Ezechukwu on 05-26-2020 at 6:44 AM
Please let me know where to buy some of your books
ISSA RHEMA on 04-28-2020 at 3:10 AM
Odilimmuo Stella Gloria on 04-27-2020 at 12:50 PM
Sir am so Lucky going through your boo

Sir am so Lucky going through your book' secrets of the dark kingdom .Am interested in being trained please how do l go about it am a Nigerian living in Lagos. My phone number is 08037998984

M Kate on 04-23-2020 at 10:06 AM
Reading the book spiritual warfare it added to my spiritual understanding and growth, thanks where's a branch of this God Ministry in Nigeria

Obot Glory on 04-04-2020 at 3:48 PM
Hello! I just want to say thank you for writing 'mysterious secrets of the dark kingdom'. God bless you Sir. It means a lot to me.
(I'm from Nigeria)
Lekuebari Paul Elijah on 04-01-2020 at 5:32 AM
Here comes a powerful trumpeting wake up call to the body of Christ (including myself and every eternity driven believers) to arise and take up our positions in heralding the gospel of salvation, peace, healing, deliverance and more to the nations. As pertaining to the learning team ;I humbly submit that you let me in. Let His mercies, grace and favor abundantly shower on you and CCI endlessly, Amen.
Esmé Louw on 03-30-2020 at 9:33 AM
Yes this is a warning to get our lives in order. I just pray that everyone will take the time and examine their hearts before the Lord and get right with Him and turn from their wicked ways. If this is not a wake-up call then i wonder what else it will take. God bless you Bro Timmons for the warning.
Esmé Louw on 03-30-2020 at 9:33 AM
Yes this is a warning to get our lives in order. I just pray that everyone will take the time and examine their hearts before the Lord and get right with Him and turn from their wicked ways. If this is not a wake-up call then i wonder what else it will take. God bless you Bro Timmons for the warning.
Seidu Jeremiah on 03-11-2020 at 1:15 PM
Please I'll love to read your book secrets of the dark kingdom. Please can anyone send my the PDF through my email address jeremiahseidu48@gmail.com
Seidu Jeremiah on 03-11-2020 at 1:12 PM
Sir I really love your sermons and it arouses my spirit to learn more from you. Please I will really love to get the chance to read you book, secrets of the dark kingdom. Please can I have the PDF. This is my email address Jeremiahseodu48@gmail.com
Caroline Clay on 01-23-2020 at 1:44 AM
A really insightful article. Thank God for your clear teaching style that removes veils from our hearts.
Oluwafemi.... on 01-22-2020 at 4:41 AM
Thanks so much for being a light sir
Oluwafemi.... on 01-22-2020 at 4:41 AM
Thanks so much for being a light sir
Deborah Frazier on 01-20-2020 at 7:49 PM
Brother T thank you Again for such Pure an much needed revelation from the Holy Spirit.
If people would just listen and do as the Word tells us. As I was reading I thought this perverted Hybrid prosperity is total Rebellion against God and the true Gospel. This is the year of 2020 vision but its spiritual an I pray Ephesian 1:18 over the Body of Christ so that the Will of the Lord will be done. Love and God Bless.
Lekuebari Paul Elijah on 01-13-2020 at 6:38 AM
This article is more than timely and to me directly it is priceless. Many a Christians have lived and died without entering their promised lands or if they do, most never possess their inheritance. What an unbelievable yet painful truth. Many years ago I did declare to myself and those around me that as I answer the call of God ; no friend, wife, children or kinsmen and or of whatever relationship to me can stand on the way to fulfillment. Many years as passed but my faith and commitment are unshakable. Moreover this article and many others have given me profound guidance on my journey. Assuredly someday soon I shall testify and it will be no secret to you. Again my deepest thanks to you and Apst. Evie and all the brethren at CCI. Shalom.
Robert Loh on 01-02-2020 at 4:09 AM
God bless you Rev.JP Timmons! Please have you established Church in
Ghana? Your book about the secrets of the Dark
Kingdom have revealed so many things to me and I am interested in one about the gifts.

+233 544239715
Nungua, Accra, Ghana.
Jean Stoner on 11-03-2019 at 9:27 AM
God bless you for preaching the truth.
Lekue Paul Elijah on 08-10-2019 at 9:17 AM
I had determined to be a committed Doer as this is the only doorway to reaping the blessings of God. I have since found renewed interest, meaning and deeper insight in the Word as I commenced to read the Bible cover to cover. I have been a believer (baptized year 2000), over 25 years but no pastor, Bishop or Pope has ever told me the importance of reading through the whole Bible. You are God sent to sow the purity of the Word,righteousness and judgment in an ever darkening world . Thanks a million! ,am so blessed.
Dismas on 01-08-2019 at 1:04 PM
Great insight, am blessed.
EMMANUEL MACMAWULI on 01-03-2019 at 11:16 AM
Lekue Paul Elijah on 11-21-2018 at 5:41 AM
Sir,Am always inspired,incouraged and challenged to step up and give my all to the Lord's business reading your works,I long to buy all your books after I was so blessed reading MSDK,though we'e not met but I have received you as my mentor and father-in-the Lord and am asking for a double portion of your aniontiong. Assuredly I believe we will meet in person someday soon just as He led me to see and buy MSDK in Nigeria though I now reside in South Africa. You remain a light bearer and Apostle of the Endtime Warriors of Christ,Shalom.
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