Evelyn Timmons

Evelyn Timmons

Evelyn was also saved at a very early age. She grew up in traumatic circumstances and learned to trust the Lord when she was a child not only as savior and Lord but as deliverer.

She received the baptism of power as a teenager and evangelized on the streets while in high school.

Evelyn was ordained in her early 20's and has established and pastored churches in the US before she and her husband were married. Since marriage she and her husband have established churches in Montana, Africa and Asia. They have also ordained elders.

One of the ways the Lord has chosen to speak to Evelyn is through dreams and visions. She has had the privilege of walking on the streets of gold and being in the presence of Jesus on many occasions.

Evelyn and her husband J.P. flow together as one in ministry. She was anointed first as an Evangelist and later the Lord called her as a Pastor.  Their anointings and giftings flow as one.

Sister Timmons has an anointing from the Holy Spirit to bring people into a greater intimacy with the Lord, and to bring the healing of the Lord not only physically but emotionally.

Evelyn has a mandate from the Lord to bring His body back to Holiness. One way she does this is teaching with extensive revelation on the fruit of the spirit and the nature and character of God. The Lord has also anointed Evelyn with a special anointing to minister to children and young people.

  June 2021  
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