JP Timmons

J.P. Timmons

As a child of four JP Timmons began having dreams and visions from the Lord. He gave his life to the Lord at eight and experienced a call on his life for ministry. He was ordained as a Southern Baptist pastor in 1969 and later received the Baptism of Power on Father's Day in 1978.

JP Timmons is a graduate of Texas Tech and Pepperdine Universities with degrees in Chemical Engineering and Business (MBA).

Prior to full-time ministry he was Vice- President of marketing for a publishing company and had managed the Houston office of a Fortune 500 chemical company.

He founded Christ Church Ministries in 1984 under the direction of the Holy Spirit and has established churches in Africa, Asia and the USA. He has ministered in thirty-seven countries around the world.

Brother Timmons has an anointing from the Holy Sprit to bring clarity where there has been confusion and to bring revelation from the heart of God both through preaching/teaching and the books he has authored. His disclipline of reading the Bible through each month has established a foundation of truth for the Holy Spirit to pour out to the body of Christ.

He is anointed not only for spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry but to teach the revelational truths of God's word and train and equip others to do so. He has been given the mantle to teach and equip the saints in their gifts and callings as well as  indepth revelation on deliverance ministry, spiritual warfare, and the structure/organization of the Dark Kingdom.

He received an anointing from the Lord in 1981 for the office of Teacher. In October of 1988 He was called and anointed by the Lord as an Apostle. 

  June 2021  
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